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Our limited edition Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Polish online now. #AmericanApparel #halloween #nails #glowinthedark

Metallic is another nail trend we love! #nailtrends #gold #metallic #nails #laneyscloset #fashion #closet #blog #swapinista #boutique #swap #shop

break a glow stick & put in clear polish! OMG i could totally do this with green glowsticks and then use it for my halloween costume because green and black are the theme, and also in the dark you can see the glow in the dark nail polish!! OH MY GOD

Perfectly wearable magenta nail polish by OPI Designer Series --the perfect girly girl color!

1. put water in a bowl and drop random colors of nailpolish in it. 2. stir it with a toothpick and put petroleum jelly on your fingers, so that the nail polish only gets on your nails. 3. stick your fingers in the bowl.


French Manicure Nail Designs: Beyond Boring White Tips

The shine on the flat is neat! You can do this at home by putting some cornstarch in the nail polish. It will spread on clumpy, but dry smooth. The tips are just regular polish!