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    kali standing on shiva



    White Kali Standing on Dark Shiva


    03-04-01/67 INDIAN GOUACHE 18TH The Five-faced Shiva Gouache on paper; Mandi, India; ca. 1730-1740 26.6 cm x18.2 cm Museum Number: IS.239-1952

    ☯☮ॐ American Hippie Psychedelic Art ~ Collage - OBEY Shepard Fairey street artist . . revolution OBEY style, street graffiti, illustration and design posters.

    The Cosmic Form Of Goddess Kali Mahakali

    vishnu shiva family

    Ode to Mother Kali

    Lord Shiva

    Shakti. Although women often fly solo, taking matters into their own hands to expand their minds, there is a powerful force when shared with another human. Especially one of the rare men in touch with his feminine side, enough to take the woman to a higher level of consciousness. Shiva.

    Lord Shiva

    Kali (Hindu) conveys death, destruction, and the consuming aspects of reality. Consort of Shiva - art by Raja Ravi Varma

    ...From the locks of hair that he tore out in his fury, Shiva created Virabhadra - he was huge and terrible - he had a thousand arms, three burning eyes and fiery hair, and he wore a garland of skulls. #Hindu #Mythology

    Kali - the Hindu god of death and destruction, also renewal and motherhood. She is sometimes depicted with ten arms, holding a sword, and with clothes made of human hands. In one battle Kali went on a killing spree. To stop her the Lord Shiva (her husband) threw himself at her feet, she was so stunned that she stuck out her tongue. Many pictures of Kali depict her standing with one foot on Shiva's chest and her tongue sticking out. She is most often pictured as being blue or black in color.

    shiva symbolism


    .Lord Shiva is Sitting and Durga is Creating Kali from Her Third Eye.

    Kali by Roberto Custodio--Mother Kali, goddess of time/change/death