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kali standing on shiva




White Kali Standing on Dark Shiva



Kali: A Hindu Goddess by juli.salvatierra98 on emaze

Beautiful Shiva! ArdhaNariNateshwar


Goddess Kali and her husband Lord Shiva under her feet.

Lord Shiva


There is an ocean at the bottom of each material universe. A huge form of Vishnu reclines on Sesha Naga, an expansion of Himself. His wife Laxmi, also part of Him, massages His feet. From Vishnu (goodness) comes Brahma who begins creation (passion) within the universe. Each universe also has a Shiva, part of Vishnu combined with matter (ignorance), allowing those who live in that mode to worship God. OM, the sound of Vishnu's conch shell, is shown by Sesha Naga's form.

Shakti. Although women often fly solo, taking matters into their own hands to expand their minds, there is a powerful force when shared with another human. Especially one of the rare men in touch with his feminine side, enough to take the woman to a higher level of consciousness. Shiva.


Lord Shiva

Kali by Roberto Custodio--Mother Kali, goddess of time/change/death


03-04-01/67 INDIAN GOUACHE 18TH The Five-faced Shiva Gouache on paper; Mandi, India; ca. 1730-1740 26.6 cm x18.2 cm Museum Number: IS.239-1952

Her anger got out of hand more than once. Lord Shiva became a crying baby boy. Her nurturing side took over her anger. It was the next time around that he had to lie down in her path. Goddess Kali - rare depiction