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Have you ever wondered why Christ's message to the Nephites in 3 Nephi 12 is similar to, but slightly different than, the Sermon on the Mount? Learn how this actually make sense when considering a temple setting, a timeless message, a new audience, and a resurrected Christ. #SermonontheMount #BookofMormon #LDS #Faith #Mormon #Christ #Savior #Jesus

"They Did Not Doubt" by Joseph F. Brickey. In the Book of Mormon, soldiers find strength in their faith in Jesus Christ. The soldiers credit their mothers for teaching them about Christ and having faith and hope.

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“Helaman 6:7–13 deserves to take its place among the finest examples of chiasmus found in the Book of Mormon.” –John W. Welch The fact that its central message is most impactful in ancient Hebrew is yet another evidence of the Book of Mormon’s authenticity and divine imprimatur.

King Benjamin’s language and imagery of blood was intensified by ancient Israelite covenant rituals and the New World environment of the Nephites. #Blood #Mormon #LDS #BookofMormon #Knowhy

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When the coming of the expected Savior was finally near, the Book of Mormon record indicates that the scriptures began to be fulfilled, and angels began (again) to appear to “wise men”. Why did Mormon interrupt his narrative to specify that angels began to appear to wise men? #Angel #Angels #Miracles #God #Prophets #BookofMormon #Faith #Mormon #LDS