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Christ himself couldn’t persuade Sanders’ enthusiasts to support party that sanctions/ participates… — Medium

A crime of egregious neglect, the ultimate shame in a civilized world.

There are 492 billionaires living in this country and 16 million kids living in poverty ~ Bernie Sanders

BNR - 'Sanders Speaks About Saving Social Security' & 'On The Campaign Trail With Jane Sanders'

More than a third of senior citizens depend on Social Security for virtually all of their income.

1-20-2016 Bernie Sanders' proposed progressive tax brackets Bernie Sanders 2016

People For Bernie on

So tired of Republi-splaining that Bernie isn't going to raise taxes except on upper brackets and corporations that currently pay almost nothing.

Butter Box Bakery::When you're voting in your first election and your mom owns a bakery.

"Politics ... it's about you..." President 2016 #feelthebern - Women for Bernie

"Politics is not about the candidates, it's about you, it's about your kids, it's about your parents." Sen Bernie Sanders - Bernie for President 2016 - Women for Bernie

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