I love this look! Very sexy and fashionable to go out and have some fun! Click the picture to see how you can afford this look! #shakira #music #fashion


Cute outfit <3

sexy jeans


Because I love high-waisted jeans and I want to buy a pair. Now that I think about it, my best friend has the same shape as KK. I should buy her a pair of these.

Blake Lively in Tuxedo Stripes

Kristen Stewart - I must say that this outfit changes her entire style in my eyes! I would totally wear this though probably not the shoes...

Stylish mint skirt, black top and necklace

emma watson wonderland shoot5 Emma Watson Enchants for Wonderland Magazine by Christian Oita


Absolutely gorgeous I love her!!

Emma Watson



Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood and OPI nail polish collection!

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. Already a Classic. The spot is earned.

Cute outfit...

Jennifer Lopez + style = perfection

Lily Collins ♥