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Domestic Violence Center Before & After

Transformations Project

As I posted before, my kids have been struggling with transformations, specifically rotations.  I created this project in the hopes that creating an actual template to move around as they transform…

Geometric Transformations Cube Activity

This resource provides a hands on and engaging way for students to practice manipulating shapes and points on a coordinate plane using geometric transformations. It certainly isn't just another transformations worksheet! This would work great for math stations and cooperative learning.

Transformations - Flips, Slides & Turns. Student worksheet/handout. Students follow instructions to manipulate simple 2D shapes. Instructions include - Flip, Slide, Quarter Turn Clockwise and Half Turn Clockwise. Students are required to either manipulate or visualise the flip, slide or turn and then redraw the shape after each instruction.

Free Transformation Puzzles

Transformation puzzles are a fantastic way to help your students visualize and learn about translating, rotating and reflecting irregular figures.

Transformations Task Cards with or without QR Codes

Transformations Task Cards with or without QR Codes!Get your students involved with practicing Transformations! All four types are included: Reflections, Rotations, Translations, and Dilations. This is a great activity that can be used in Math Centers, as individual work, or as a group activity!