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Phases of the moon; I think it's so cool how they did this! A chaotic order dimensional as in nature.

Best Photography of 2013

Blood Moon Eclipse - Part 2: The asylum

#wattpad #vampire Eva and her team of paranormal hunters have a bizarre experience on the day of the Blood Moon eclipse. An experience that is shared worldwide and then after called the Event. She contacts a paranormal being she knows about it and he claims she needs to investigate further herself. That her nature...

there is absolutely nothing to know...there is only omnipresence, infinity, absolute reality and there is no name for this. --Robert Adams

25 Absolutely Stunning Photos

Must check Southern Hemisphere calendar & make the most out of my 'thrift shop find' BNIB telescope this year!

in awe... i have seen one rainbow so round while i was inside the airoplane... but miss that moment to snap that rainbow... glad i have found this one...