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Tiny "Teacup": Blue-eyed Seal-point w/White Himalayan Male



Types of Himalayan Cats | Funny Free Pics: Funny Himalayan Cat. Beautiful Flame Point

seal point cat

What a beautiful Himalayan cat……

Beautiful Seal Point Kitten

Himalayan Kitten

Himalayan cat :)

Gray & white kitten ~ what a cutie...

Himalayan- this looks exactly like my old cat Sebastian ,

Himalayan cat. Rascal, my little blue point baby. I caught him here being very serious.

Adorable Himalayan Kitty

Dreamhimi - Himalayan

Gray and white Persian cat

furry grey and white baby kitteh

Himalayan fluff ball

White cat ~ 1 blue eye, 1 gold eye

Fluffy white cat https://www.facebook.com/catsRpeopleToo

gray & white persian cat.

.white persian kitten ~ photo by Emre Topak.