Hello, everyone! I just found a product that is free that you can use with your tablet pc, laptop, or computer that allows you to pick an article in English on the web, or even a full e-book and click on a simple browser extension that allows you to click on words you don't know. It will not only translate the words into English, but it will also save the words you do not know and quiz you on them each day until you have learned the new words.

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April / Spring-Themed Reading ELA Unit for grades 3-6. This huge packet has 67 pages of ELA goodness, with plenty of nonfiction informational passages, worksheets, poetry, folktale, center games and activities, and writing resources to get you through the month of April with ease and lots of fun! Also covers synonyms/antonyms, analogies, figurative language, and more! Looking forward to using this with my students!



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FREE Grammar Cheat Sheet - nice...everything on one sheet for quick reference.

Lita Lita: FREE Days of the Week Wheel in English and Spanish for students to individually color and use

FREE! English Language Arts Word Wall for Grades 7-12. 60 words.*The CCSS requires your instruction to incorporate academic and content vocabulary. As you teach your units of study, just add the words you will cover in your lessons. Your classroom environment should include a word wall. During your observations it will be noted that you have your content vocabulary displayed.*


A FREE cheat sheet for teachers and students so they can type Spanish letters, accents and symbols on an English Keyboard correctly.

Simple writing is always best.

Learn about Chinese language and culture with this recommendation of Home is a Roof Over a Pig from Kid World Citizen.