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I remember I used to get these all the time from the school book sale

Zoobooks. They have three different publications now, for different ages.

Viewmaster Slides- imagine the fun of having all these to add in various ways to your smash books, etc!

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren / via Jasper Armstrong on Flickr

I always begged my mom & dad for a BK Crown! I think I might go to BK tomorrow just to get one, who's with me?

I loved the Ramona books when I was little. This was the cover of the book I bought from the Scholastic Book Club when I was in the 3rd grade. (Still have it too!) The new ones don't hold a candle to it.

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

Still have some :) Jr doll skirts, backpack purses and top it off with plastic barrettes for ultra coolness.

I read all the Sweet Valley Twins and High books. My mom kept them so now I can pass them on to Avery.

1962 Little Golden I thought it'd be in the year 2000!

LOVED these them all in no time from my public library