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    • Salvatore Canfora

      Please don'y use Comic Sans - we are a Fortune 500 Company, not a Lemonade Stand #advice #font #ComicSans #announcement #notice

    • Leighton Interactive

      “Why Do People Laugh When I use my favorite font: Comic Sans?” Have you asked yourself that very question? Fear not, for you are far from alone. Many unsuspecting souls have encountered this very situation. I am here to answer this vital question:

    • Herb Firestone

      Font Humor | Please don't use Comic Sans. We are a Fortune 500 company, not a lemonade stand! | From Funny Technology - Google+ via Cherie Ambrose

    • Craftastical

      Comic Sans should only be used in comics. Or perhaps on lemonade stands, but then, I'm skeptical. There are much more awesome fonts for lemonade stands.

    • Pinnacle Custom Signs

      I'd like to add another sign: "Please use proper grammar. We are a Fortune 500 company, not a lemonade stand." Anyone who thinks "lemonade stand" is a proper noun probably won't get it, though. #humor #funny #signs #funnysigns #typography #design

    • Lindsey Bishop

      Please don’t use Comic Sans - we are a Fortune 500 Company, not a Lemonade Stand. My gosh, this includes your damn email font too!!!

    • Anna Ajluni

      Ahahaha too funny. Comic Sans sucks! It was literally created as a joke font, hence the name 'Comic'

    • Sarah Rettew

      funny stuff... gotta love font freaks

    • Katharine Waggoner

      Giggles. Font humor.

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    can't. breath.

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    sad, but true.

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