Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker

Bless you, sir.

Soap for Selfies – Whiskey River Soap Co.

Admit it... you sang it.... a VAN down by the RIVER! I miss C.F.

chris farley

Golden Girls.

Chris Farley

Princess Diaries... really one of my FAVORITE scenes

Ooohh Grumpy Cat

SNL Chris Farley Funny Quotes | Saturday Night Live (Old school)


Chris Farley "Da Bears"

Saturday Night Live: Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in Lunch Lady #SNL

Tommy Boy!

I will think of this every time I use my salad trident from my flatware set... e-cards-and-other-funny-stuff

Duck dynasty quotes si.How i feel when my mom gets mad at me for doing the dishes or laundry wrong

LOL, i love Celebrity Jeopardy!