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from BBC News

Desert finds challenge horse taming ideas

Recent archaeological discoveries on the Arabian Peninsula have uncovered evidence of a previously unknown civilisation based in the now arid areas in the middle of the desert. The 9,000 year old The Al Magar finds appear to show horse-like animals with the accessories of domestication.

from Mapping Megan

Inside Lascaux Cave France: Ice Age Caves Very Few Can See Today

Hall of The Bulls, Lascaux Caves France. The five metre-long bulls, the graceful stags, the rutting bison, the very same prehistoric images discovered in 1940 that changed the history of art.

Inscribed plaque adorned with ibex Qaryat al-Faw; Temple of Wadd, Saudi Arabia, ca. 1st century B.C.E or 1st century CE. Department of Archaeology Museum, King Saud University, Riyadh.

3000-2000 BCE. Standing female figure,10 5/8 in., wearing a strap and a necklace, This shows the beginning of a long sculptural tradition in bronze age S.W. Arabia of extreme simplification and strict rectangular shape. Sandstone, quartzite.