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oh, Sherlock

That's funny.

Sherlock's faces are the best.

Sherlock - The Sign of Three

i giggled at this

Welcome to the Sherlock fandom where all the highly functioning sociopaths are... :D<-----repining for that comment

Classic sherlock

Oh dear god this is brilliant.

He has got timing!

There were many amazing references to some of Benedict Cumberbatch’s other roles. | Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three" Sherlock Hobbit LotR

Watson? Lestrade? Sherlock? Moriarty?


Season two. #Sherlock



Even these men must check their tuxes

I just did the math.... It's going to be closed for 44 years 58 days 1hour and 30 minutes.

Sherlock Socks | Mens- Don't care if they're Mens. I'm still buying them.