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  • Eugenia Beh

    What women could afford if the gender gap didn’t exist. Put another way, a woman over the course of her lifetime could afford two houses, 7 college degrees from a public university, 14 new cars, or $431,360 for retirement.

  • Judi Bridges

    Amount the gender pay gap cost women & their families this year (median); President Obama supports equal pay for women

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"Learning Out of Poverty:" education is foundational to human development and has a clear multiplier effect with benefits in health, broad-based economic growth, and poverty reduction.

Equal Education Unequal Pay It’s 2012 and close to four years after the Lilly ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed into law. Surely, the gender wage gap has been closed, right? Wrong.

The gender wage gap puts women at a career-long disadvantage: in 2011 a typical 25-year-old woman working full time all year earned less than $ 5,000 than her male counterpart. From The White House's e-card series to raise awareness about the wage gap and the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Gender Wage Gap Heavily Influenced By Occupation Segregation (INFOGRAPHIC)

The CEO Gender Gap - Get #offthesidelines and into the corner office ladies!! Between 1997 and 2006, businesses fully women-owned, or majority-owned by women, grew at nearly twice the rate of all U.S. firms.

Really interesty graphic on the racism and sexism that go into the pay gap Because I am Women

Here are some sobering visuals: For every dollar earned by a white man in America, a white woman earns, on average, 77 cents, a black woman earns 69 cents, and a Latina woman earns 57 cents.

Accepted gender double-standards. This nails it! Another one I've noticed is that if a woman has opinions (especially educated opinions), she's a know-it-all, whereas a man with opinions is alert to the world. Sad that I first saw this list in 1976...and here it is 2012...and it is still 'in play'.

Annie Houle of the WAGE Project uses $1 bills and play money to show men’s pay advantage over different groups of women.

Study showed mothers were offered $11,000 less for starting salary than non-mothers. #equlpay