Jetta Goudal

Russian dancers, by Savitch Demeter, c.1925

Gypsy Jetta Goudal,

German dancer and film actress La Jana (1905 - 1940) - the most popular show girl of Berlin in the 1930’s


Lilian Gish, 1920


Corinne Griffith - 1920's - @~ Mlle

Showgirl ★ Gypsy girl

~ oriental goddess ~ At first glance it looks like her eyes are open and totally white which adds to the creep factor.

Viola Dana in 1919 (1897-1987). American film actress who was successful during the era of silent movies.

Gilda Grey - 1920's

LOUISE BROOKS ( digital print ) by Rosie Emerson

Lucy Doraine (22 May 1898 – 14 October 1989) was a Hungarian film actress of the silent era. Here is she is wearing an Art Deco Headdress. @designerwallace

Claudette Colbert. 1920’s. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

Gypsy Moon

Evelyn Brent

English Actress Gladys Cooper in 1913

Paola Borboni, 1919