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I'm OBSESSED with Front Row Shop- but budgeting with a baby for this stuff is impossible. Added to my "someday" wish list!! FRS Black Flare Sleeve With Slit Top - FrontRowShop

Energy changes with intention, instantaneously and powerfully. Changing your electromagnetic field of energy is not difficult, nor does it take years of study or practice. It is immediate. You can understand this by simply changing your thoughts and noticing the instant shift in the energy within and around you. Through practice, you can better manage, moment to moment, the energy that surrounds you.

229,578,589 Abundance financial Abundance Prosperity Package Contents taken from Lloyd Mear (Page 30) Abundance financial - 229578589 Abundance knowledge - 964986583 Ability to earn money - 374685812 Clarity of self direction - 656946868 Prosperity - 346325845 Confident of prosperity - 87467894

I'm Christine. I'm 20 years old and I'm in recovery for cutting and an eating disorder. I am diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and ptsd. I hid my faults for most of my life but I've come to the point where I don't care who knows my story...

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Editors’ Picks: Inspirational Prints for the New Year

After all the excitement, travel, and various highs of the holiday season, it can be tough coming back down to the real world. And for many, January means making a list of resolutions that may or may not be attainable over the course of the year. So if