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Operations WIth Decimals: Mega Bundle

Area Models with Decimal OperationsUnderstand Decimal Place ValueTask Cards with Decimal OperationsInteractive Decimal Unit. Begin with a review of Decimal Place value and introduce area models. Then demonstrate each operation using the area model. Lastly students will be able to solve higher order word problems with adding and subtracting decimals.****************************************You may also enjoy these math lessonsI Have Who Has Integers.Mixed Numbers and Improper…

Decimal Math Game: Decimal Dash

Decimals: Hundredths: Tenths: Adding decimals: Problem solving: Games: Math Workshop: Critical Thinking. This product has two parts to it. The goal is for students to build conceptual understanding of decimals using tenths and hundredths. Students use a 100s grid to draw decimal representations, and practice adding decimal numbers using the 100 grid model and the standard algorithm.

Fixing Math Mistakes in Word Problems

Do you want to REALLY see if your students understand how to solve word problems? Let them be the teacher! Students look at incorrectly solved word problems, identify the mistakes, and show how to correctly solve the problems.

Included in this pack are 9 Math Centers and 10 Math Printables for Spring! :)Math Centers Included:1. Addition Word Problems - Students will solve the addition word problems.2. Subtraction word problems - Students will solve the subtraction word problems.3.

Math Games: Single Digit Addition and Subtraction

Are your students struggling with addition and subtraction?Do you need more math games and puzzles for younger learners?I wrote this for my son, and he loves the activities. After mastering these activities your students will fluent in addition and subtraction with single digit numbers****************************************You may also enjoy these math lessonsI Have Who Has Integers.Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions.Fractions and…

Math Computation: Winter Dice Games for Addition & Subtraction for 1st

Fun Roll and Cover Dice Games to reinforce addition and subtraction: Dice Addition Dice Subtraction Adding Doubles Adding Doubles +1 Adding Doubles +2 Adding 3 Numbers Adding 10 Subtracting Doubles -1 Subtracting 10 WOW! I think you're gonna like it!!!!

Text Me Math Word Problems

These engaging math word problems are written in the form of a text and require critical thinking and problem solving from your students. Text problems cover a variety of skills.

Decimals Task Card Bundle

Decimal Operations Task Cards - Over 200 task cards to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparing and rounding decimals!

Thanksgiving place value scavenger hunt

This fun Place Value Scavenger Hunt featuring a Thanksgiving theme could be a great means to review taught content or pre-assess prior knowledge of Numbers and Operations in Base Ten. Your students are going to love the Thanksgiving/Fall themed images, intriguing Thanksgiving themed names and the excitement of going on a hunt.

Bundle-Word Problems-Sets A and B! Grade 3! Over 200 problems

Save 20% on this NO Prep Math Word Problems-SET A and B! Grade 3! That's over 200 word problems! That’s 37 pages of problems! Your students will love these problems! Some are straight forward computation and others are multi-step!