So true, my hip hop teacher miss. Kitty, she didnt pass first grade

So true!!! My kids know this for sure. There is never just, "one more time"

Happens all the time!!

So true

Not all the time, but when its confusing, this is totally me and my friends.

*So true!!

all the time

This could not be more true

happens ALL THE TIME,I usually just start laughing randomly and everyone wonders whats wrong with me, then it's even more awkard.

I Can't Water Bottle - Basically What I say like, every time one of my friends that doesn't dance asks if I can hang out.

Yes!! All. The. Time.

every. time. :)

So true!

more and more every day dance problems

AHAHAHAHA! #dancehumor

So true!

you have no idea...

All the time!!

OMG all the time. I learned timing of such things VERY quickly

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True for running, true for dancing