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Backyard chicken basics. They’re less work than pets and more fun than an Xbox. Plus, they provide delicious, nutritious eggs.From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

This has some good ideas going. But I think if would be impossible to keep the chicks inside the brooder box when you open the door. I think a two section door would be better.

Frugal Tuesday - A Quick DIY Chick Feeder/Waterer

A Quick DIY Chick Feeder/Waterer from Off the Grid at -30: Frugal Tuesday - uses old plastic containers you're probably planning to recycle anyway

How To Distinguish Male Chicks From Female Chicks in 1 week old Cochins |...he tried this on bantam Brahmas too, didn't do too bad. Will have to try this myself.

Raising Baby Chickens – A Beginners Guide to Baby Chicken Care

Raising Baby Chickens: A Beginner's Guide. How to make sure your new flock stays happy and healthy! Great tips to remember when you go to the store.