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EASY Weekly Savings Plan - Start with Just $1 a Week!

You can save money with this easy weekly savings plan! Learn how to start with just $1 a week and with this weekly savings plan it will quickly add up.

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interesting read. top to bottom budgeting (how much little things really cost and where to cut back).

My hubby and i started doing this with one dollar bills when we got married-- after about a year, i [just me] had several hundred dollars and got to enjoy a great birthday vacation and still have lots left over :) Great Idea To Save Money

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52 week money challenge!!

Decided were each going to do this the year my husband's deployed and go on a fun vacation when he gets home.

Saving Money – Five Tips for Balancing Month-to-Month Finances — Color Me Crystal

Easy Trick to Save Money on Dryer Sheets! ~ from {plus MORE tips to save $$ on Laundry!}

  • Kaylynne

    Been doing this one for 10 years. =) yay!

  • Mie E. F. Pedersen

    The next time you wash delicate blouses or shirts, try to give the dryer a rest - and avoid the sheets - and put them on hangers either on the shower curtain rod or outside! Maybe you feel a folding drying rack full of jeans is a bit overwhelming now, but these items don't take up much space and your clothes and bills will thank you. Happy spring time!

  • Tarah Fairchild

    I like to air dry our clothes whenever I can!

  • Marie Larish

    I never thought about doing this. Who doesn't like to save money. I'm heading for my dryer sheets.

The 1st week you save $1. The 2nd week you save $2. The 3rd week you save $3. During the 52nd week of the year you will have accumulated $1,378. budget save

15 ways to save money #money #savings

  • Bromwich & Smith

    Great tips! I agree with paying your bills on time and brown bagging your lunch.

52 week savings plan - deposit this money into a jar each week and watch how it adds up. Perfect way for me to save for next year's vacation!

  • jazmine lundy

    They say to do it backwards, like start with week 52 and work backwards from that. Then by the end of week 4 ( month 1 ) you'll already have $202 vs $10! It still adds up the the same amount but you'll get the hard weeks of the way and you'll feel more motivated to keep doing it.

  • Kristina Norwood

    Week 49 is wrong. It should be $1,225.00 But the end result is the same!

  • wilberto Dejesus

    I'm starting today

  • Natavia Cooper

    I think that this is a good idea

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52 Week Money Saving Challenge - I'm going to do this starting January but do it backwards.

The lazy girl's guide to saving money — it's easy!