Easy Money Saving Weekly Plan (Starts at Just $1 a Week and Adds Up FAST!)

Good idea for saving up for vacations.

Save $5,000 in a year

Love this!! 26 Week Christmas Savings Plan – Start with $26 a week End with $1001 by Black Friday

Finding Financial Peace: How I plan on saving an extra $1000 in 2015

Save Money for a Disney Vacation! - PassPorter Photos

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! These are really great!

how to save for retirement | emergency funds | saving for the future

I'm trying to save money and here is a simple savings plan to do. Who wouldn't want a planned savings of $2,030 by July? You just deposit a multiple of 5 in your account ever Friday. Happy savings to you!

TWO A DAY WORKOUT PLAN - you can fit in two workouts a day! (it might even save you some time).

I am so doing this...52 Week Money Saving Challenge 26 Week Double

wanderlust planning.. smart.. im thinking i need to make a travel jar for all my extra dollars and coins.

BLANK 52 week money savings Jar

smart idea for saving money on christmas gifts, and not having to spend all your money in one month.(hmmm...this is a pretty good idea!)

Build a $1000 Emergency Fund in (less than) a year! Savings, Money, Finances

How to Build a Budget using 50-30-20 rule | goodnotperfect.com

Planning Disney trip

My hubby and i started doing this with one dollar bills when we got married-- after about a year, i [just me] had several hundred dollars and got to enjoy a great birthday vacation and still have lots left over :) Great Idea To Save Money

Cut Your Spending by $400 a Month

This is a really good idea. Id have to change a couple things though. 1. 1000 emergency 2. Pay off debts 3. 3-6 months in savings. 4. Invest 15% into retirement 5. Buy a house/investment property and pay it off 6. Build wealth and give. -Chris

52 Week Savings Plan --> More money saved!