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  • Becky Conrad

    Tube Socks as Wiper Protectors. Slip a pair over your windshield wipers on the eve of a storm so you won’t have to deice the blades in the morning.

  • Vilma Bailey

    Turn to everyday items to handle common winter seasonal #cooking tips #art of cooking #cuisine #food #recipes cooking|

  • Sherrie Pinello

    If you’ve ever had to deice your windshield wipers after a snow or ice storm, you know what a pain it can be. Save yourself the trouble next time by slipping a pair of tube socks over the blades the night before—that way, after the weather hits, you’ll simply have to remove the socks. Get road safety tips for driving […]

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Easy way to prevent tableclothes, scarves, etc from wrinkling while they are stored

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Put a towel on your windshield at night and you won't have to scrape the frost off in the morning.

could make some of these for easter baskets or stocking stuffers

blue-shovel-cook-spray_300 by The Snack Pack, via Flickr

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