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If celebrities moved to Oklahama...HILARIOUS!

If Celebrities moved to Ohio: The Jennifer Anniston edition. Her new Profession?schnauzer dog breeding and the management of her company Coasters,Coasters, Coasters which allows you to put a painted portrait of your dog onto a ceramic tile so that you can enjoy your cup o tea, water ring free!

Fake: Jennifer Aniston - New York based artist Danny Evans has come up with Planet Hiltron – a hilarious photo series of what Hollywood celebs would look like if they were normal folk.

(Jennifer Aniston) If celebrities moved to Oklahoma...these are funny....Johhny Depp is a good one too.....

If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma...all i had to see was jennifer aniston with kate plus 8's hair.

If Jennifer Aniston moved to Oklahoma, would she look like this? jenniferaniston.jpg

If celebs moved to Oklahoma-Jennifer Aniston-Hilarious site!

if celebrities lived in Oklahoma -- jennifer aniston

If Celebrities moved to Oklahoma.. Funny stuff

If Jennifer Aniston moved to Oklahoma


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iFunny Photo - Funny Picture, Funny Image, Funny Photo, Funny Pic: Secret of saggy pants !

Funny funny, except for the top dude needs some pants. I mean ok....Too funny!! - 10.000 Funny Adult Files! New Sexy Girls Section

Now I get it.... Funny

A collection of funny things we find while wasting time online.

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Me too, Robert Downey Jr. Me. Too. @tawnyarother this should make you laugh!

My kids are asking why I am laughing so hard! Because this is SO TRUE!!!!

#Funny #Quotes Top 20 Funniest Quotes | Just Laughs Fun and Humor

So funny. Is this the face you sometime make? #humor #laugh

Only Robert Downey Jr could make me laugh this hard....LOL

This is the face I make most in my life

I laughed for 10 mins its so true

Funny stuff...

Giggles :)



Lego tower bad loser…


"Well don't say you want a Lego Tower Tournament if you can't handle losing." Forever repinning this!

"Well, don't say you want a Lego Tower Tournament if you can't handle losing." Exactly how I play games with my kids.

For some reason this is so funny to me! I'm giggling to myself at work, looking like an idiot.

Lego tower tournament this is so my youngest!!

Funny thing is I've actually done yhis

This will be my parenting style

Lego tower sore loser! Lol

Poor kid!

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Has spring found you yet? If it has, would you please give it my address? ‘Cause it’s taking its sweet time getting here. In other news, my older daughter finished university! I am so proud of her. It’s amazing how quickly time goes by; before you know it they’re all grownup. She also has a new foster cat. The last one she was taking care of was adopted, which made room for a new one. She sent me a photo of the latest furball: Adorable, no? This sweet calico is six months old, and the name she arrived with is ‘Chatouille’, which means ‘tickle’ in French. My daughter said she and her boyfriend will change it to something else, but they haven’t decided on a suitable name yet. Chatouille is extremely friendly, affectionate and loves being around people. I’ve no doubt she’ll find a furever home in no time. Now, let’s get to the funny stuff, shall we? Yeah, let’s... A beautiful day to all!

Okay. This is actually pretty hilarious.

Da Frog Princess. The Disney princesses forget to invite Tiana to a sleepover. Pretty darn funny. Ariel's my favourite; and Snow White's reaction when *spoiler alert* Prince Charming turns into a frog

The Disney princesses have a sleepover and didn't invite the Frog Princess. Pretty funny actually

The Princesses had a sleepover but forgot to invite Da Frog Princess.... SO FUNNy

Cracking up. Disney Princess sleepover. More like princesses on crack!

Disney Princess Sleepover.. This is actually pretty funny.

Disney Princess... funny stuff

Da Frog Princess-- so funny

Haha. Kinda funny. Lol!

Sooo funny

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Watch this! It's hilarious

@Dennis i seriously just went through all of these, pretty funny stuff! ! --19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Omg this so so funny!! 19 People who are having a worse day than you. dying laughing!! Funniest thing ever!!

Anyone looking to get lucky with random people on the Internet: | 19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You This is the funniest thing I've ever seen

19 people that are haveing a worse day than you! I laughed so hard I peed. This is seriously the funniest thing i've seen!

OMG so funny!! #7 had me in pain from laughing so hard. 19 People who are having a worse day than you.

19 People who are having a worse day than you, i was dying laughing!...this made me cry I was laughing so hard

19 People who are having a worse day than you. I laughed so hard (You have to go to the site and watch the videos - they are so funny!)

19 People who are having a worse day than you,pretty funny gifs

Haha hilarious gif


Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #88

I'm sorry, but this is hilarious.

This is wrong on so many levels, but it's so funny. # Pinterest++ for iPad #

TAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. This shouldn't be so funny, but it is.

This is so wrong but too funny not to pin! I'm evil!

can't.stop.laughing. LOL! "Not over here..." hahaha

Death the kids worst fear. Gotta love soul eater

Laughed harder than I probably should have

Oh my god. This is too funny

I laughed so hard

hahahah awe

Dogshaming - this site is hilarious!!!

Dogshaming website - @Amy May Williams and @Jenni Doss - any submissions for Chance, Poncho or Freja?

Dogshaming. This website is hilarious, and every dog owner has problems like these.

Dogshaming--one of my new favorite websites... This had me laughing out loud!

Dogshaming - hilarious pics of dogs confessing the bad things they do!

Dogshaming - hilarious site! You have to look at it if you have a dog!

Dog Shaming..... funny website for a good laugh if you own a dog.

Dogshaming... possibly the funniest website I've ever seen :)

Dogshaming -- HILARIOUS (lucky they can't read)

Dogshaming - funny blog!