Strawberries, Sprite, Red Wine

1 bottle of white wine. 3 cans of sprite. 1 bag of frozen strawberries.

Very Berry Sangria Recipe

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosas - The easiest, quickest, and best 4-ingredient mimosa ever. And all you need is just 5 min to whip this up!

For the Moscato lover! Summer Punch - 2 bottles Moscato, 1 pink lemonade concentrate, 3 C of Sprite, Fresh raspberries.


Strawberry Moscato Wine Cocktails- Oh I am so making this next summer.

Blackberry Fizz ~ Blackberries mixed with vodka, lemonade, topped with sprite.

Vodka strawberry lemonade. BEST DRINK EVER!!!

Skinny Strawberry Sangria: Only 3 ingredients and 75 calories per serving! California Strawberries + LaCroix Lime Sparkling Water + Red Wine! Might be yummy with a sweet white wine too!

Skinny Strawberry Lime Spritzer. Looks so refreshing and perfect for summer.

LIVER CIRRHOSIS DIET DRINK - Fresh Strawberry Mint Lemonade. The reversal & treatment of liver cirrhosis diet plan guide. Reverse cirrhosis of the liver by eating a liver cleansing raw food diet followed by a series of liver flushes. The #1 natural cirrhosis of the liver treatment is the LIVER FLUSH, I LIVER YOU

Moscato Spritzer, Wine Spritzer,

Strawberry Iced Tea is perfect for summer!

Strawberries and coconut water cocktail

The right glass . . . lots of info including tips: 1) Always fill glasses one-third full. This makes sure oxygen can get in, & leaves room to swirl the wine, which helps it release aroma 2) It’s best to wash wine glasses with very hot water only–if you have to use detergent, limit yourself to a few drops. Soap causes buildup in your glasses that interferes with the tastes of the wine.

Vanilla Vodka Chai

1 1/2 cups diced fresh pineapple - 1 banana - 1/2 cup greek yogurt - 1/2 cup ice - 1/2 cup pineapple juice or water

Strawberry Kiwi Sangria