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Sarah's First Grade Snippets: Common Core Snowy Reading (with a freebie)

Opinion writing

Expanding sentences. Would love to do a foldable like this with grade-level revisions. 1. Add an adj/adv participial phrase. 2. Add a prepositional phrase. 3. Reorder/rearrange the sentence. 4. Improve the verb. 5. Include an appositive. 6. Write it as a compelling fragment. 7. Rewrite it as dialogue. 8. Change the point of view.

Sequencing or writing directions.

Opinion Writing: Favorite Food (Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade) (6 pages) $

Opinion Writing - With this fun writing unit students will write about what they think is the best fruit and the best outdoor activity. This writing packet would be great to teach along with a health and nutrition unit. Meets Common Core Standards for 1st/2nd grades.

Growing as godly witnesses includes being aware when we are expressing personal opinions. This list could be rewritten and used as a hand-out or visual aide to highlight what opinion sounds like, and how to approach it wisely. wsh

Opinion Writing Anchor Chart

Ms. Beattie: Common Core Opinion Writing

St. Patrick's Day Writing

An Apple For The Teacher: Roll and Retell - Building Summarizing, Communication, and Writing Skills

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K - 2 Writing Checklist for Students and Parents

What do writers write?

During our morning meeting, we color code the message. Everyday we look for capital letters and color them green, punctuation is red, and sight words are in orange.

Post this example around the class for students to know if they need to add more, if they have just the right amount, or if they have too much! It's also a quick and easy rubric for teachers to follow. -Ashlie Hoffman

This would be a fabulous topic for opinion writing: what is the best super power to have?

Opinion Writing