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Say it all the time

hahaha. one thing i love about my job.. pinterest all day? i think yes.

That's what friends are for

Yepp that's mee!

SO glad someone made this - whoever thinks that a guy worth marrying is someone who will pause a video game to text you bak you are either (a) a child (b) stupid (c) insecure (d) seriously have no self worth (e) all of the above.

  • Brittani Barber

    Unless your a gamer yourself.. Aim way higher!!

  • Ashley Smith

    Telling girls to not to date boys who play video games is like telling boys not to date girls who read or do things like draw or cross stitch or whatever. Since w

  • Ashley Smith

    When is it okay to tell people who to date based on their hobbies?

  • Sarah Scott

    That is completely untrue. Video games are important to most guys and for them to pause the game means that they value you over one of their most favorite hobbies. This is a completely mean pin, and I sincerely hope most girls don't think this way.

  • Ashley Smith

    Oh good I'm not alone in this :)

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I KNEW Patrick Stewart helped run the world

I sure hope he does

I've often thought this after I said something I probably shouldn't have. Ive probably pinned this before......

Where do they even get some of that stuff? What's up with the camo tights, girl on the right? We didn't HAVE camo tights in the 80s! Oy.

I still can't believe this!!

It is sad how hard I laughed at this. Why do we abuse cats so much? Oh yeah...