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I wish I could believe this.

pinklikeme: “I ran home and drew this on my lunchbreak because I felt like my world would explode if I didn’t. Thanks, Carrie Fisher, for teaching me that girls like us can be princesses, generals, or whatever we want to be. #RIPCarrie ”

I love him so much awww 🖤🖤

i love this man so much. i hope one day i will be able to meet him and tell him.

Never let that bright smiles and laughs fools you that he is okay with everything ;(

Waaaaaay better angel than Cas! Don't get me wrong I love Cas but this Gadreel had more depth in one season than Cas had in six

Awwww! He's such a cute lil' angel fluff bean, I love him more than words can express>•<

okay but this makes my heart so warm i love jongdae i rly do tbh i love all of exo they're all the angel line

I believe in angels. I have one of my own.