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HRH loves Watson's blog

Lol his face lol ( you see Sherlock its not a weast of time the queen reads it hum) lol haha haha

How many times have we used this "amazing how fire exposes our priorities" line to emphasize John and Sherlock's friendship?

John Watson, the interpreter.

The exact moment Moriarty knew he needed to kidnap John to get to Sherlock. Wow, I wonder what would of happened if John hadn't been so nice ?

Head Cannon Accepted!!

My mind is officially blown… GAHH! Sherlock is a descendant of Spock and Sherlock sorta rhymes with Spock! And, And, And, Ben Cumberbatch is in "Into Darkness" the Star Trek Movie!

Never underestimate the Sherlock Fandom

The funny thing is Mary said this to john in the empty hearse. John-"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes" Mary-" you Gould put that on a t-shirt" coincidence or a catch phrase Mary first heard somewhere else?


The progression of their friendship makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. I was like awwwww when he was in disbelief that he was john's best friend.

w h a t  t h e   f  u  c  k ?

I just breathed really hard and coughed. Mostly because I'm wondering why I have never seen a Sherlock face swap before.<<I just choked.

No one can successfully kill Sherlock. Not even Sherlock.

But John could. When John married Mary, he very effectively killed a part of Sherlock. Funny thing about this show, it really knows how to kill you on the inside.<< You can't kill Sherlock physically, but you can kill him mentally.

I'd actually switch Mrs Hudson and John, but who knows, maybe she did more than marry a man running a cartel?

Sherlock alignment chart (Dungeons and Dragons)-- I think that John and Molly should be switched though.