Thael talking to Kaela, perhaps?

Oh, my goodness---this is making me want to write a medieval romance! Eoin Macken and Amy-Joyce Hastings in ‘The Callback Queen".isn't Eoin Macken enough reason to watch a movie? And a medieval movie?


Fairytales seem to be making a big comeback. Will the daughters of today's modern women grow up blurring the line between reality and fantasy? Once again, as in generations past, seeking fairy tale endings and knights in shining armor?

Sideless Surcote—A woman's over-gown cut away at the sides from under the arms to the hips to show the cote-hardie or kirtle underneath; it was usually worn with a plastron at the front of the figure. It remained as a ceremonial dress for women during the latter of this period.

Bliauds, Wimples, and Everything in Between

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Morgana from BBC's Merlin. I have a love for all costumes medieval and especially capes. I love the long trains and decadent fabrics! This cape in particular has inspired my favorite home sewn, velvet cape.

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I realize it's mid-evil but as a self proclaimed nerd I'd try to rock th

But it's medieval not

Robe médiévale de lin « Archère » avec tunique et corset d'ArmStreet

Medieval flax linen dress "Archeress" with undertunic and corset with multiple color options available via Armstreet.

Virgin Territory - I don't know where this comes from but I love the costumes!

Costumes from 2007 film Virgin Territory, based upon Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron, costumes designed by Roberto Cavalli