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Our listeners are an endless source of humour - all G rated it's important to add - here's where you can see the best of it. Oh, and if you have any new jokes/tall tales that our listeners might enjoy, please do let us know about them.

Replace Ted hose with tube grips and I canrelate!

To those who have done this, you'll understand the struggle! Putting Ted hose on can be a part of your exercise routine.


" Oh Buzzzzzzzzz off doc ! " The doctor replied " Fine, I'm a buzzzzzzy man so I will be glad to ! " ( secretly the impatient patients comments really BUGged the doctor though !

Herman Comic Strip, December 10, 2015     on GoComics.com

The surgeons name is Bill aka Bill the butcher to his surgeon mates ( he spends more time in court on malpractice charges, than he does in the hospital !

Alright, who didn't do the final count ?! .... Herman  (Aug/24/2015). Jim Unger.

He is understandably very TICKED off, as TALKS about suing the hospital ie instead of ticked talks, his wrist watch is an automatic and TICK TOCKS ( doesn't TIME fly, when you're having fun ) 👍


What makes you think you got your medication mixed up with your wife's?

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Frank started to get a funny feeling that his doctor was a quack.

I almost choked to death on a lifesaver as a kid. My dad had to do the hemlock on me. The irony was never lost hahaha