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Four Sheep Wine Vessel/Square vessel (fang zun) with four rams, from Shang Dynasty (1300–1046 BC). It is listed as National Masterpiece. Exquisitely made, 4 sheep in relief on the 4 sides.The legs of the sheep reach its base.Its edges are decorative engravings and its shoulders are ornamented with 4 dragons.The sheep and dragons are all over covered with beautiful pattern.It is not only an artistic bronze work but a rarity as well.

(Shang dynasty, China) Vessel in the Shape of an Owl. Shang dynasty, China. late 14th-13th century BCE. This delightful owl is also a vessel for wine.

ca. 8th C. BCE Bronze Human Figure (铜人形器) Flourishing from about 1200 - 500 BCE, Jinsha was an unwalled town of the Sanxingdui culture. ancient Sichuan China