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The weekend is here ... time to take a deep breath & slow down. iced coffee | photo by reetta pasanen can always tuck into a hearty breakfast | photo by alice gao @ lingered upon perfect spot to laze away a morning | photo sharyn cairns | homelifexx debra

"Try to praise the mutilated world/Remember June's long days/and wild strawberries, drops of wine, the dew. . . . Remember the moments when we were together in a white room and the curtain fluttered." Adam Zagajewski, "Praise the Mutilated World"

Dining alone is not the worst thing in the world. It's actually quite lovely to enjoy a good book or old poetry... The hard part is attempting to fall asleep alone that make one feel lost in time, trapped in a great fractured abyss. # DescribingMyHeart

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Photographer Phoebe Rudomino | brilliant underwater fashion editorial | chandelier | bubbles | graceful | floating | breathe | aquatic | blues and green | wow | amazing photography | lounge room | underwater set |