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The somber Victorian photoshoot that didn't stay that way.

These are beautiful

These are beautiful


They used to smile too…

They used to smile too…THESE PICTURES ARE SO CUTE!!!

from BuzzFeed

The 50 Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened

#Amour #Couple #Love #Romantic


The way we study History needs to change…


omg this is the cutest thing I've ever seen

from Wattpad

An Artistic Duo - Chapter 19

I would love to take some portraits before, during, and after a color war (colored dust, paint, or painball)

We should all feel like this at least once a day!

from Mail Online

New York, New York: Nostalgic wartime images romanticize the Big Apple in black and white

This picture was taken in 1943 at Penn Station. I can't help but wonder how it turned out. Did he make it back? If he did, did they stay together?