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Baby Genius - 100% cotton infant tee. Designed exclusively for HMNS.

Our Baby Genius tee is cotton and an exclusive HMNS design.

All I understand/see on this chart is that it is made from mostly water, therefore it's healthy! Lol

Why is Coffee so Irresistable? The Chemistry of STARBUCKS®

Chemistry of STARBUCKS jameskennedymonash - Wish it wasn't Starbucks as I strongly dislike them but it'll do for next week's chemistry lesson on compounds :p

If this happens, I hope that Toothless sees Hiccup before his death. To make it sweet and tear-inducing.

I'm going to be sad that the Dragons will be gone and that the movie franchise is ending. But, it's still a HTTYD Movie and I wanna see it and yeah I'm sad but at the same time I'm excited because I'm curious of how things are going to turn out

Flat design infographic on blood colors.  Really simple and elegant.

Chemistry of Blood Colours. Red is not the only blood colour available – it also comes in blue, green, violet, and even colourless varieties and this is a result of the specific chemicals that make up blood in different organisms.