Rainbow Mountains

"And you light up the night just like the moon just like the moon you light up the night and sometimes, sometimes I only get a sliver of ya but I'm hoping I'm hoping for a full moon tonight."

Beautiful Milky way

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SKY ----- This is from 35Photo. I wish I knew more about it. Who is the photographer? Where on Earth is this gorgeous spot? I think this is a tumbler site for another country. Not sure, but I tracked this photo back as far as I could.

"The fog lay heavy upon the Mountains of Strength."

Storm Cell, Nebraska photo via nytimes (photographer Camille Seaman) [I love how the trees in the foreground show the strength of the wind.]

Coloring The Mountains

The largest hot-air balloon gathering in the world, Chambley, France. I want to go in an hot air ballon!🎈

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora http://taborastudio.com

Summer Adventures

Beauty sky

Above the clouds, is a place called heaven, which has given a home to 2 of my family

Rainbow Mountains.. Danxia Landform in Gansu , China

The Boundary Ranges, also known in the singular and as the Alaska Boundary Range, are the largest and most northerly subrange of the Coast Mountains. They begin at the Nass River, near the southern...

Follow the West Wind | plasmatics-life: Mountains night landscape | by:...

Rainbow Sky

Near Storslett, Norway

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bright auroras seem to spread like wings over the mountains outside of tromsø, norway.