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And it makes it even better when you achieve it!

Si no fuera duro y complicado cualquiera lo haría, que sea duro es lo que lo convierte en Grande!!

I love this line, it's from the movie.A League Of Their Own.Tom Hanks said it to Geena Davis when she was going to quit the team.

Thank you Heavenly Fathery. Amen.

Good morning this is God. I WILL BE handling all your problems today!

God headache

I wonder sometimes, if we ever give God a headache! I bet so!

Whatever you have in store for your day ahead I hope it’s a good one. Not long now until we start our if you want to join us message for more detail

True story..Especially those who don't have the decency to hear the truth. Let go of negative. Breathe in the positive. .

ditched alot of c**** who used me.gained fab new friends in thier place.i love my genuine friends

scripture says a soft answer turns away wrath...this is true...and while it may be hard sometimes - when you do this - their hardened hearts begin to be softened...have see this now in two different http://neighbors...to God be the glory...Hes doing great things.

Try and do the nicest thing you can think of for the rudest person you know. That's love Jesus' style!It works! It gives the other person a chance to think about your kindness.and it is Jesus' style.

Madison♡ ↠{Mgracevball}↞

Madison♡ ↠{Mgracevball}↞

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