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Pueeerquitoooos!! Me encantaaan!!

Real pig hugging stuffed pig cutesy

Impossible not to smile at this…

Can't handle the adorableness. I LOVE PIGS. I want to have a farm and then just get a bajillion pigs for pets. NEVER to eat since I don't eat pork. Just to pet and play with and flop around in the mud and be silly with. Forever!

  • Julie Andersen

    People have been eaten by dogs too, not to mention other People. I Think pigs are cute too :)

  • Katy Hunt

    Some kid's fingers got eaten off by a ferret, and i know of a cow that ate a dog here... So your argument is kinda invalid.

  • Tricia Murray * Cottage by the Creek ™

    Pigs are adorable! I raised pigs several years ago and I too loved them. However, all that mud isn't mud, so don't flop around in it. Pig manure is the smelliest, stinkiest thing on the planet! My pigs were raised on pasture, grass and dirt, and still were so smelly you almost couldn't stand it in the summer. So just put them down wind of your house! This baby pig is adorable!

  • Brandy Frank

    there's kinda a difference between domesticated pigs that people raise and wild boars... i've lived on a farm my whole life and i've never heard of a domestic pig EATING someone...

  • Midori Cseh

    Since you've never had pork, does that mean you've never had Bacon? If you've never had bacon then you are missing out.

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I adore lil piggys and have been begging mike for a pet pig. Rachel Meredith when I saw this I thought of you!

Christina Childress Childress & Robertson : Cute : Pig in a Blanket

baby animals | Tumblr

Cute Pet Pig In The Snow - the red and black spotted piggies are my favorite ones :)

my boyfriend and i had the "how many pets am i allowed" talk and ONE PIG made the list!! muahaha YESSS

The benefit of having your wedding on a working farm - flower girls and piglets. Adorable.