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  • ImageChef

    Let's hear it for Miss Selena Gomez! Remix by Leydi, shared this one in the 'cOol WORLD' group. Head over to to join this group today! #SelenaGomez #ImageChef

  • Leilani Nguyen

    Selena gomez loving her flower headband most adorable flawless star anyone could ever imagine

  • Emily Hunt

    flower hair

  • Kristin Chelsea

    The beautiful Selena Gomez

  • Steph L

    Selena Gomez and Flower Crowns

  • Amy Maciel

    Cute idea for a senior pic!

  • 👽Mollie Horan💀

    Day 1: Not aloud to pin a pic of myself :3 so here's my celeb look-a-like!

  • Maria Preeck

    Selena Gomez The most adorable star ever with her flawlness face and her awesome clothing line who knows what she is goanna do next. I´m a big fan i love her but... people think i´m not a fan beacuse i only seen one concert of Selena Gomez IT´S LIKE MONEY DON´T GROW IN TREES

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great idea for photographer to take pics of when you put on your makeup.

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