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Abundance, Prosperity and Protection. Moon Goddess, assemblage art doll OOAK

Nekhbet, Ancient Egyptian Goddess Who Protects the New by Thalia Took Nekhbet is an ancient Egyptian mother Goddess and the protectress of Upper Egypt. She is often depicted as a vulture, the symbol of Upper Egypt since ancient times, and is usually paired with Uadjet or Wedjat, the cobra Goddess of the Lower Nile, to represent the unity of Egypt.

Kamrusepas is a healer Goddess of the Hittites. Kamrusepas is shown here combing out Her braid to prepare to work Her healing magic. Alternate names: Katahzippuri, Katahzipuri, Kamrushepash, Kammarushepash

Grandmother Crone Goddess Banner by Wendy Andrew ---