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Wise mind is a state of mind that integrates logical thinking with emotional awareness. It is a mindful state in which you make decisions by integrating different ways of knowing and don't cut off parts of your experience. It means integrating our amygdala's intuitive reactions with the wisdom of past experience and knowledge about the world.

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that is awesome and also very sad. I wouldn't get to experience the different emotions as they come, but instead they would be combined in a minute.

EPISODE 13 - HOW DO I RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTION FROM THE PAST? Has everything in your life worked out PERFECTLY just the way you imagined it? Has anyone ever done you WRONG? Are you still carrying emotions from past experiences that are harming your relationships today? Join us and find out how to release emotion from the past using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). LEARN: What is EFT? Why does EFT work? How do you do EFT on yourself? LISTEN IN as we do an EFT session to release RESENTMENT.

half of faces shows age, experience, emotions mine BLACK AND WHITE

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study -- the Largest Public Health Study You Never Heard Of, Part Three

Mentions of the ACE Study – the CDC’s Adverse Childhood Experiences Study -- have shown up in the New York Times, This American Life, and recently. In the last year, it’s become a buzzwor...

Empathy X-ray: helping children notice the positive physical response to connection

Essential Oils for Mood Elevation

Recently, I’ve really been getting into using essential oils for mood management and emotional healing. Our family has had some very cool experiences in both of these areas and I frequently hear from friends who have great testimonials as... [Keep Reading]