Alexander William Gaskarth from my favorite band, All Time Low. The things he says/sings have helped me get through so much stuff. He truely cares about his fans and that's something that you don't see that often anymore. He never fails to make me smile. Alex Gaskarth is my hero.

Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

On stage antics for Rian and Alex

Alex Gaskarth♡

All Time Low - Alex Gaskarth

Sleeping with sirens (: And yes you were a huge waste of my time


Alex Gaskarth

This is why I love Alex Gaskarth and all of All Time Low.


Alex Gaskarth.

Alex Gaskarth! <3

Alex :)

AWH..vic from pierce the veil and alex from all time low! @EyesLikeStars1 :D

alex gaskarth and jack barakat.

Jack and Zack

All Time Low / Alex is a freaking god. The song Therapy already means so much to me, and he is amazing.

All Time Low my favorite band


Haha Kellin Quinn and All Time Low :), whaleee the. Lol