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Gold Crown. Silla, 5th century. | National Museum of Korea

Gold Crown - Nguyen Dynasty - Vietnam

Gold Crown. Treasure #338. Silla Kingdom, 5th-6th century AD. Gyeongju Museum. Like NT 188, Treasure #338 has four crosspieces, instead of three, on its "tree" uprights. It was discovered in the Geumnyeongchong tumulus. Unlike most Silla crowns, #338 does not have any jade gogok ornaments.

Silla Korean Ornaments

Gold Crown, Silla, excavated from Noseo-dong, Gyeongju, Height 24 cm, Treasure n° 338, National Museum of Korea.

[Antiquity-Three Kingdoms Period(Silla)] Gold Pendants | Korea

Gold Cap, Silla, 5th century - 관모 / Geumgwanchong Tomb in Noseo-dong, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Korea / National Museum of Korea

Greek jewelry from Pontika (now Ukraine) 300 BCE. It is formed in a Heracles knot.

Baekje Diadem | Baekje or Paekche (18 BC – 660 AD) was a kingdom located in southwest Korea. It was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, together with Goguryeo and Silla.

Golden Treasures: The Royal Tombs of Silla | Crown, Three Kingdoms period, Silla kingdom (57 B.C.–668 A.D.), 5th–6th century Korea Gilt bronze; h. 8 1/8 in. (20.6 cm) Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art