Knotted t-shirt tutorial.

SMMARTideas: Time-Out for Mom: Knotted neckline shirt Tutorial

pinched- could possibly do this with a large t-shirt - DIY

Simple and smart

This tshirt from Delias is so cute! You only need to slash you tee’s sleeve, remove 2 cm of fabric (this is why it’s called tshirt surgery :) and use the strip of fabric to create a bow-like knot.

Cute t-shirt DIY

diy tshirt makeover

Braided neck T-Shirt. Perfect diy for those shirts that have tears or marks on them. You can braid in any direction possible.

Take a guy's old t-shirt and refashion it like this... so many shirt ideas! Just click on the tutorials tab on her blog

Bow tie neckline - Stains of Paint. Very easy: With chalk/fabric pen/etc., start measuring the neckline. Measure at the shoulder between the neckline & beginning of the sleeve, the same distance all the way around. Start dividing the space into squares from the middle and out. Choose whether to make them uniform or variated - at least 3 cm to get a proper bow-effect. Cut only vertical lines, pinch squares & tie ribbon around middle - double knot & ensure tie is back, then glue. Wash and wear...

T-shirt vest

Just did this to two different tshirts...looks so cute now!

Five Minute Draped Vest


DIY cut out shirt; wear shirt under


Easy T-Shirt DIY: Cut Out Back

recycled tee shirt shrug

easy loose top

upcycle shirt..

Tee Shirt Scarf