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This washing powder packaging has been very popular. Now here's the rest of the story PD


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= L O V E.

“A lot of it’s innate. I am very visual. That’s the one thing that God did give me. I don’t add, I don’t subtract and I don’t divide. I don’t use a cell phone, I don’t use a computer. But my eyes tell me a lot. I read a lot, I’m a vociferous reader. Nothing to do with fashion. I’m not interested in it. I’m interested in what I do and that’s dressing women, children, men, whatever. Whoever you bring me… if you brought me a dog I would dress them. I get dressed in the morning, I look fine, I ...

Split Cover

kate moss

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Its okay to say no.

Podcast on W&D


No today but someday. I have faith in your work my Lord.


Rika Magazine | Dali

Just to love and be loved in return..

Are childrearing books REALLY right for you?

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Mumbai by Fabian De Lange, via Behance

packaged | Summerbird Chocolate by Anagrama

From Eleanor & Park; favorite book

By Sulliman Bodhy


love this so much.