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    1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!!

    • Tim Zentz

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! I can't remember a single time going to any fast food place as a kid.

    • ShoesBoots PursesFallFashions

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! Dad took us after Church for lunch...just the beginning of "fast" food.

    • Mary Harwell

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! When I was about ten, I begged my mom and dad to stop at the McDonald's close to my aunt's house. They finally stopped one afternoon and I got my first McDonald's hamburger. Yuk - I hated the mustard, ketchup and onions mixed together but I ate it anyway because I knew they would never stop at another fast food place again if I didn't. I still don't like their hamburgers, but LOVE their diet Coke.

    • Rebecca Schildroth

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents - I think it was 19 cents by the time I was dating

    • Linda Garretson

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! Just the beginning of "fast" food.

    • Sheri May

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! Just a little before my time.

    • Mary  M. Leitch

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! My first Fast Food experience

    • Jillian Putnam

      1950s McDonald's - 15 cents!! let's hop in the time machine

    • Kelly Frosinos-Wozniak

      #McDonald 's #1950 's

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    We got our first McDonalds when I was in high school. Looked just like this one. We got an Azar's next door at the same time. . . . now I have to find Azar's.

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