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  • Loic Tsigi

    Shaolin Kung Fu - Diana Lee Inosanto - (Her God-Father was the late Bruce Lee.)

  • grantimatter

    Diana Lee Inosanto, stuntwoman and jeet kune do practitioner, enjoys an afternoon at the beach.

  • Erika's Chiquis

    Leading With the Body: Bruce Lee’s God Daughter discusses how Martial Arts taught her leadership in all areas of her life By Diana Lee Inosanto

  • Katalin Mako

    kungfu 300x238 kung fu

  • * Connie *

    Bond girls; Flexible, Beautiful and Dangerous .... _ Jeet Kune Do practioner, Diana Inosanto

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I goofed when I posted this, but that does look like a Harimau pose

Working towards this i use to be very close and then u stoped doing yoga

I can't help but wonder if this photo is fake. This looks like it would require so much strength and balance!

♥ Life is a balance between rest and movement. - Osho

A series of black and white photographs on the world of Shaolin monks, by the photographer Tomasz -------CRAZY!!!

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Pictures

One of my favorite styles of Kung Fu! It frequently rapes Muay Thai (as evidenced by Yi Long's accomplishments in K-1) and intense training beyond what most people find conceivable! Flexibility is the foundation. Even a beginner Monk is so flexible, it's like they have no backbone!

Shaolin Kung Fu, stairs training - tiger crawls ----------- yikes that takes some muscles to do...