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This is what tea looks like before it is harvested.  The young, tender leaves such as these are more desirable than the mature, tough leaves.  Green tea is totally unfermented (but is baked or steamed), oolong tea is semi-fermented and black teas are fully fermented, but all of them come from this plant, the Camellia Sinensis.

This is what young tea leaves look like. It sort of looks like the shrubs that we all have growing in our front yards but much, much taller.

Mr. T Tea Teapot by Lenny Mud - eclectic - coffee makers and tea kettles - - by Etsy

I pity the fool who doesn’t drink tea. T Tea Pot. i peed a little when i saw this!

The coolest loose leaf tea infusers in existence

The coolest loose leaf tea infusers in existence

Tea with Roasted Apricots and Brie on Toast

What an chic, lovely brunch treat: Roasted Brandied Apricots and Brie on Toast.


5 Ways to Make Your Iced Tea Fabulous

*To try with English Breakfast, Black Tea* Very Berry Iced Tea with Honey Mint Syrup

Making the perfect cup of tea

The perfect cup of tea, great chart to have. What a wonderful idea to begin a tradition of afternoon tea with friends or children. A good 'together' time.

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Teatime is more than a refreshing break, it's actually a social gathering. Friends and associates gather at tea time to relax for a tast.

Arab mint tea. So necessary.

14 Cozy Drink Alternatives to Coffee. Several are alcoholic, and I scratched my noggin for a moment, wondering who might be slurping mulled wine in the a., then remembered that some lucky people's bodies can handle coffee beyond the morning hours ;

The Charm of Home: Anne of Green Gables Tea

Anne of Green Gables Tea