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How to achieve different textures through media such as salt, this isn't my picture just one I found.

Easy Art for Kids - Painting on Foil

Painting on foil--add dish soap to paint to help it stick. This would be a new idea in my classroom. I would embellish the project by having my students take portions of the foil and engrave designs on them, or rub textures onto the surface. That would make something interesting. Perhaps there is a Christmas project in there somewhere.

TEXTURE PASTE/MEDIUM RECIPE 1/2 cup Baking Soda 2 Tablespoons white school glue 1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint (some water may be necessary)

Art activities for kids : Sandpaper Art done 3 ways!

Salt Water Color Project: You only need masking tape, salt, water colors, paper and brushes....

Make cards and send them, or art to hang on the wall. Wrapping paper. Recipe is on Willie Komodo movie. Use as background for a play (blue is water, green a forest, etc.).