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James Mason Guest Stars on DR KILDARE

▶ I Will Fight No More Forever 1975 Sam Elliott James Whitmore Full Western Movie_ - YouTube

▶ Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (James Mason, Ava Gardner) - YouTube

▶ La Linea 137 - YouTube

Calling Dr. Kildare.

Captain, my captain. 1966 and the Starship Enterprise...

▶ The Seventh Veil (1945) Full Movie James Mason Ann Todd British Classic NOIR - YouTube

Mr Ed Season 4 - Ed's Dentist

James Tiberius Kirk - William Shatner

▶ Tom Berenger "Last of the Dogmen" CLIP #1 - YouTube Wish I could find the whole thing

▶ Another Country - Best Dialogue - YouTube Colin Firth & Rupert Everette, their first film. Also has Cary Elwes in it. All young and incredibly beautiful

in 1966, Uhura was the first black female main character on US TV who was not a servant.

The Munsters - Herman's Driving Test (1965)

Richard Chamberlain as Dr. Kildare

Mister Ed S5 | Never Ride Horses

Mister Ed S5 | Ed the Godfather

Gilligan's Island Theme, via YouTube.

Bill Pullman,Alec Baldwin/Nicole Kidman MALICE Full Movie 1993 (HD)

The Brotherhood Of Justice - Keanu Reeves & Kiefer Sutherland - Full Movie - 1986

Emergency, everybody to get from street (part 2) Stranded Russian sailors using their one line in English to pass as townspeople in The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming. One of my all time favorite films

Loved this show for its intelligent, suave & urban panel. OMG so many episodes on YouTube!