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Dried Fruit and Nut Stand at Market - Baku, Azerbaijan An old woman sorts grape leaves aside a dried fruit and nut stand at Baku's Taza Bazaar.Read about Azerbaijani food and the rest of our visit to Azerbaijan.

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The Maiden Tower or Giz Galasi, Baku, Azerbaijan by Ken Douglas. Built in the 12th century, a long solid projection to the main tower faces east, which is oriented towards sunrise pointing to the equinoxes, which has led to the conclusion that it was built as an astronomical tower.

AZ Cookbook | Dumpling Soup (Dushbere)

Azerbaijan national sweets

Dolma is a family of stuffed vegetable dishes common in the Balkans and surrounding regions, Middle East, the Caucasus (most of these regions having a common Ottoman heritage), Russia, Central and South Asia.

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Şor qoğal Resepti: http://resept.az/sor-qogal/

Turkish Tea - I miss this so much! Maybe Ill have to make a pot of Turkish Tea just for reminiscing.

Icheri Sheher, Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan Destination: the World

Xan Baghi, Ganja, Azerbaijan

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Qatlı xəmirin çox asan hazırlanma qaydası - YouTube

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